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It's me again :). I just wanted to share some of my new commercial use products I have available at 30% off! You can grab them at: Scrap Art StudioE-Scape and ScrapArtisan Scrap and CU Digitals.  There are some beautiful realistic flowers I photographed and extracted, some painted edges brush and a paint stroke brush.  I hope you enjoy!

Since I have turned July into a month long CU sale, I had better add a bunch of CU products!  All month long, until July 31st, please enjoy 40% off all my commercial use products!

Below, please check out all my latest additions!  At the end of this post I have a little CU freebie for you all!

Download Flowers HERE

Cardboard Paper, Craft Flowers and Brushes:

Photoshop Brushes:

I have a couple of new products for CU and PU.  One is a pack of craft flowers.  I love putting together craft flowers.  You can find them in virtually ever kit I make lol.  I also have a pack of fancy frames to add extra elegance to your kits.  You can grab both at 30% off each until April 20th.  Available at:

Phew!  I'm never doing that again LOL!  Doing what you ask?  Extracting LACE!  I don't know how anyone else does it, but the way I do it HURTS LOL!  My right arm and hand are numb and hurt at the same time!  Took almost a month to extract 24 pieces.  But, I do hope you like them!  I got this large bundle of lace, scanned them at a very high resolution, extracted them and set them to 300 ppi.  I worked hard on these to make sure the quality is good.

They are so pretty and love to put lace in almost everything nowadays!  Turn them into brushes, slip them under some papers, they work almost with anything.  I have created four sets of lace with 6 pieces of lace in each pack.  I also created a bundle with all 24 pieces for an extra savings!  Hurry in now and save 30%, but for two weeks only!  You can check them out in my stores below:

I have some new CU products all loaded into my stores.  A set of cardboard cutouts with doodles were created by me and fun for kid kits.  I also have a set of awesome vintage book covers and some glittery craft flowers.  Then I have four sets of 5 gorgeous overlays.  You can also save big bucks by buying the overlay bundle.  They are currently 30% off for the next two weeks.

Check out the previews below.  I also have a CU freebie for you all at the end of this post.

Download CU Freebie HERE

Well, I have made my first attempt at some Photoshop brushes.  I was so excited to find this little treasure in my own house!  A vintage plant book with beautiful illustrations.  Making these brushes was a love/hate kind of relationship ha ha.  I loved creating something new and different, yet, the vintage flowers and plants took a great deal of clean up.  But, I will keep making more because they are so beautiful!  I also created some fun watercolor brushes.  I love adding brushes with texture to my papers and elements, especially paint spatter...LOVE me some paint spatter ha ha.

You can find these wonderful brushes at E-Scape and ScrapArtisanScrapScrap Art Studio and CU Digitals.  They are available for two weeks only at 30% off then be set to their regular price.

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I have some new commercial products today.  They are a wonderful assortment of products.  Some are for crafts, some are realistic floral, vintage, emphemera, etc.  I have also joined a new store at CU Digitals.  I am having a sale on my new CU products...30% off!  But, it's for two weeks only!  After the 15th, they are going back to their regular prices.  You can grab them at the following stores:

Here are the previews:

CU Autumn Packs:

Below are my newest CU products, my Autumn Packs, which you can find at:

CU Freebie - Candy Corn:

I have two new CU products for you all. One is a set of frame overlays. I have taken some old vintage Polaroid frames and added an overlay to give your photos that vintage look. My other CU product is a set of pressed flowers and leaves. I love these because they give a realistic look to your digital scrapbook kits. The look like something you would actually add to a paper scrap layout. I have both products on sale at 50% off for two weeks only for $2.50. Then they will be the regular price of $5.00. So, hurry in to Digital Design DenE-Scape and Scrap or ArtisanScrap!

I have two new CU products for your digital scrapbooking design needs.  These are the last products until August.  I have a paper flower pack that I hand made and I have some embossed papers.  You can enjoy these products at 50% off for two weeks only!  Also, please don't forget the rest of my products will be 30% off for the entire month of July.  You can grab these CU products at Digital Design DenE-Scape and Scrap or ArtisanScrap.

I have some a new CU product for you all. I have created some hand painted papers to add that creative, personal touch to your papers. Please check out the end of this post for my CU painted texture papers, which is available at all my stores.

I have some new CU products and finally a freebie for you all! I have created 4 more CU doodle packs full of wonderful hand-drawn doodles. There were drawn with pen and paper, scanned and extracted. They are perfect for that personal touch you want to add to your digital design kits. These packs are on sale now for ONLY $1.50. But, you have to hurry...they are on sale for only 2 weeks! You can grab these wonderful doodles at Digital Design Den or E-Scape & Scrap. Below, please see my products previews and I have a little CU freebie for you all. It's a wonderful hand painted, with water colors, paper. My youngest son Anderson helped me paint it. I think he's got Mommy's talent lol.

I have been a busy little beaver. I have created all these kits with hand drawn elements and have created tons and tons of CU products.  My doodles themselves were hand drawn by me using pen and paper, scanned and extracted at 300 dpi.  Below are previews of my latest CU products and at the end, I have a CU freebie for you all. You can find my latest CU products either at Digital Design Den or at Angel Baby Scraps. All my newest CU products are currently on sale for 50% off! But, hurry in, they are only on sale until February 29th!

OK, I just couldn't help myself. As I'm learning to do layered templates and found my little elf and snowman pretty cute, I thought I would do Santa himself. I hope you like him!

I had a request to create a layered template of a snowman because she enjoyed my elf so much.  So, here it is.  This snowman is CU friendly and I have it set as a .psd file, .TIFF and I have provided a example for inspiration.  Hope you enjoy him.

I have a really cute new CU freebie for you all.  This one is a layered template.  It's a really cute Christmas elf.  I hope you like him.  I saw him in a magazine and just had to create something similar.  I have him set in a .psd layered template, .tiff file and I have created a sample for inspiration.  I hope you like him.

I know it's been a while since I made my last CU freebie.  Between joining a new store, pumping out the kits, getting sick and getting ready to's been quite busy here lol.  But, I won't leave you all without for long!  I decided to do something a bit different and hopefully a bit more usable.  I created this layered border template in different circles.  I got the idea from my youngest son's room.  He has this stencil I created when I did his room.  Looks quite cute in his room and thought I would recreate it for a kit I am currently making.  I hope you can use it too!  I have set it in a .psd file, .tiff file and I added my sample to give you creative ideas.  Please enjoy!

I have some more CU products for you all today. I have some plants and flowers that are from my garden...those which survived one of the worst droughts! And, I have an Autumn pack. I stumbled on to this little garden stand just outside of Houston, and they had the most wonderful pumpkins. You can grab the CU plants pack HERE at Digital Design Den and you can grab the CU Autumn element pack HERE, also at Digital Design Den. I also have a freebie CU product for you all. It's a piece of worn wood.  I have also changed my preview pages...hope you like it :).

It's that time again for another CU freebie.  Good thing I have previously gotten my photographs in for some CU freebies as my camera is now out of commission for the next month :(.  It will be sorely missed.  But, I have a little CU binder clip for you.  I have it in color as well as gray scale, so you can use your own colors.  Thanks to all my fans.

I have another CU freebie for you today.  Now, I'm not sure how much you all will like them lol.  I originally used these in my second kit I ever made, so I was really new to this.  I went back and looked at them, and they were a mess.  I drew them by hand and extracted them.  I wasn't crazy how they turned out, but I have cleaned them up and turned them into stickers with a little texture to be used for a child's kit or something.  Maybe you all can really turn them into something more special or maybe have some use for them.  So, there we are :).

I have some wonderful CU products for you today.  I have some funky Altered Art elements, Asian elements, frames and Emphemera.  All are CU, PU, S4H and S4O friend, set at 300 dpi and quality checked.  I also, finally, have a CU freebie for you all.  Sorry it's been a while since I had a has been very busy!  It's another bench for your scene kits.  My CU products are on sale now for $1.50, but for a limited time only!  At the end of the month they will be regularly $3.00. So, come into Angel Baby Scraps and grab these wonderful CU products today! Below are previews for my CU products and at the bottom of this post is a download for my CU freebie.

Here is a new CU freebie for you all today.  This is a path I that I have hand made.  I used the computer, but it was all done by hand.  I used this in my Nature Walk kit and decided to go ahead and make it a CU freebie.  I hope you like it!

Well, I have a really fun CU freebie for you all today. This is Bo, the circus elephant. We had taken the kids to a local circus in town a while ago and they loved this wonderful elephant. While I am not partial to circuses because of the poor animals, I have to admit, he was beautiful. I thought this picture of Bo would be perfect for a fun circus kit or for circus layouts. I hope you love him as much as I do.  He was photographed at high resolution, extracted and saved 300 dpi.

Here is another CU freebie.  This is an old skeleton key that I use for an old wardrobe.  I think it's pretty with the handle design and thought it would be a good CU product for your vintage kits.  I hope you like it as much as I do!  I photographed it at high resolution, extracted it and saved it at 300 dpi.

It's CU freebie time again! I have found these lovely shells in my oldest son's room. I don't like to venture in there too much...I think he has hobos living under his bed lol. I had forgotten he had them, so I photographed them at high resolution, extracted them and set them at 300 dpi. I have to tell you that starfish was hard to extract with all those bumps all over. Nothing like a good challenge, right?! I hope you like them and can find them useful in some lovely beach kit.

Here is another freebie CU for you.  These are chopsticks that we use at home.  I photographed them at high resolution, extracted them and set them at 300 dpi.

I have another CU freebie for you all.  I'm trying to get more CU freebies out there for you all.  I know they are hard to come by, so I want to try and share as much as I can.  This is a bottle from my own home.  I photographed it at high resolution, extracted it and set it to 300 dpi.  Hope you can use it for something.

I have another freebie CU product for you all. This is wonderful rustic bench I took a photo of at high resolution, extracted it and set it to 300 dpi.  Click link below for download.  I hope you enjoy!

These are pretty leaves I gathered from my garden.  The new leaves are a beautiful red before they turn green.  I photographed them at high resolution and extracted them at 300 dpi.  Hope you can find some use for these pretty leaves.

I have created a new element pack for CU/PU/S4H/S4O. Each element was handmade by me, photographed at high resolution and extracted at 300 dpi. There are 11 total elements and each are color coordinated. You can get it at Angel Baby Scraps for only $1.50. But, grab it while you can, because the sale ends on June 16th and will go back to the price of $3.00. I hope you like it!

Here is a flower I made for you all to use as CU/PU/S4H/S4O.  I have it set in color or in grayscale should you wish to change the color.  The flower has been created, photographed at high resolution and extracted and set at 300 dpi.  Hope you enjoy!

Here is another CU freebie I made for you! I have it colored and in grayscale so you can add your own colors. It's set at 300 dpi.

I have another CU Freebie for you all. Nothing awe inspiring or anything lol. This was just a rose in my garden. I photographed it at a high resolution, softened it for fun and extracted it. It was one of the first roses of the Spring season and it was pretty, thought I would share it with you all.

Exciting news!  I have now started creating CU products for your scrapbook designing needs! I have assorted flowers, paper flowers handmade by me and textures all photographed by me at high-resolution and extracted and saved at 300 dpi. I also have a teddy bear template for your to play with. All my CU products are quality checked.  My CU products are for personal use, commercial use, S4H and S4O.  You may not use my CU products for resale at commercial use.  If you have an questions about my CU products, you can either contact me or refer to my TOU posted on my blog.  You can find them at Angel Baby Scraps Store for only $2.50 each! Below are my previews of all my CU products for sale: